Visit the Newport Art Museum This Fall

Newport Art Museum Current ExhibitsThere are so many wonderful reasons to visit Newport, Rhode Island in the fall. The famous Newport mansions and the Cliffwalk, which are particularly beautiful during these fall months are just the beginning.  Newport’s historic charm is unbeatable, and the city houses abundant restaurants and attractions worth traveling for. Among these is the Newport Art Museum. Listed as one of the city’s top attractions, browsing the current exhibits at the Newport Art Museum is the perfect excuse to visit us at our luxury Bed and Breakfast.  Make your reservation with us today.

Current Exhibits at the Newport Art Museum

The Newport Art Museum itself is an incredible space, and is actually one of the oldest continuously operated spaces of its kind in the United States.  It was founded in June of 1912, and since then has continued to inspire generations of artists and art lovers. The Newport Art Museum is located on Newport’s famed Bellevue Avenue, in the historic Griswold House. In fact, the house itself is the feature of the Newport Art Museum’s current Newport Art Museum Current Exhibitsonline exhibit and Multi-Media Tour.

The Newport Art Museum’s two most recent exhibits just ended this past week, and two new exhibits are currently under way and opening in mid or late-September.  The first of these, which will open on September 15, 2018, is The Shapes of Birds. This exhibit will be on display through the remainder of 2018, and will feature Contemporary Art of the Middle East and North Africa. Notably, the art in this exhibit will highlight the tremendous “political, ideological, and sociological changes” seen in these regions over the past few decades. It looks to be a spectacular exhibit, and one that should not be missed. The second upcoming exhibit, which opens on September 28, 2018, and continues through February 17, 2019, will be works from Lalla Essaydi, and is titled From “Converging Territories” to “Harem Revisited”. The exhibit will feature photographs from the full spectrum of Essaydi’s career, and will focus on her continuing engagement with culture, gender, and identity.

Events at the Newport Art Museum

The Newport Art Museum is more than just a beautiful artistic space; it also hosts incredible events throughout the year. September’s events include:

The year is almost up, and we don’t yet know what 2019 will bring to the Newport Art Museum.  So far, the only exhibit announced for the 2019 season of the Newport Art Museum is the Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney Sculpture exhibit, which will open on April 19, 2019. But, for now, come enjoy these upcoming exhibits at the Newport Art Museum before they’re gone. Make your reservation at our romantic Bed and Breakfast today.