The Sport of Polo Alive and Well in Newport

Newport's International Polo Series 2017Have you ever wondered what it was like to live as America’s wealthiest and most famous families from the turn of the century once lived? There’s no better place to get a glimpse into this historic Gilded Age than in Newport, Rhode Island–once a famous summer playground for these same families.  Come to the picturesque shores of Newport, and you’ll find well-preserved historic mansions.  These homes are easily viewed from the popular 3.5 mile Cliff Walk, located just steps from our elegant Bed and Breakfast.  In addition to touring these luxurious summer homes, you’ll also want to enjoy watching some of Newport’s favorite summer pastimes, including the International Polo Series in nearby Portsmouth, Rhode Island.  Book your room at our award-winning Bed and Breakfast today, and experience Newport’s summer playground for yourself.

2017 Newport International Polo Series

Like tennis, polo has long been considered a sport of high society, popularized by the wealthiest families of Newport’s famed Gilded Age.  In Newport, polo dates back to 1876, with the establishment of the Westchester Polo Club, operating today as the Newport Polo Club.  The Newport International Polo Series is an extraordinary Newport International Polo Seriesopportunity to watch polo clubs from around the world compete in this exciting sport. Each Polo match is held on the historic and picturesque grounds at Glen Farm.

Though it’s not required, the Newport International Polo Series matches are a great excuse to get dressed up in your polo finest, so long as you don’t forget to don a fancy hat.  Polo matches are thrilling to watch, but some of the best parts come before, during, and after the game itself. While general admission tickets enjoy seating either on bleachers or the lawn, a section of lawn seating is also reserved for tailgating parties before the game.  If you’re interested in tailgating, reservations can be made in advance, and the Cliffside Inn can help you prepare a gourmet picnic. Otherwise, there are delicious gourmet concessions and plenty of cocktails available for purchase on-site. Between each of the Chukkas of the polo match, members of the audience head out onto the field for one of polo’s most entertaining traditions; the divot stomp.  Afterwards, stick around for a little while and enjoy mingling with both the players and their beautiful horses.

The International Polo Series is an excellent way to enjoy a summer evening in Newport, experiencing it as it once was during the height of America’s Gilded Age.  Matches begin at 5:00pm (4:00 in September), and are held each Saturday evening From June 3 – September 30th.  Plan to arrive early for tailgating, choosing seats, and enjoying the beautiful grounds.  Afterwards, retire to the luxurious accommodations at New England’s most romantic Inn, the Cliffside Inn.  Book your summer reservations online today!