Cliffside Sunrise Orange French Toast

The other day we served Sunrise Orange French Toast for breakfast at our Newport B&B.  The guests loved it, and I promised a few that I would post the recipe, so here it is.

Bon appetite!


View a pdf of the recipe for Cliffside Inn ~ Sunrise Orange French Toast.

Cardamom Pear Muffins

Pear Caedamom Muffins from the Cliffside InnI am a little obsessed with the spice Cardamom.  I first ran into cardamom while traveling in Tanzania, where I was able to buy some of the spice fresh, although I do not believe it is native to Africa.  As I will be travelling to the continent again soon, I’ve been craving cardamom, and found a wonderful recipe for Cardamom Pear Muffins that our guests at the Cliffside Inn have really enjoyed.  The recipe also includes one of my other favorite ingredients – ricotta cheese!


View a pdf of Cliffside’s Cardamom Pear Muffins